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Ferret care!

ferrets are a very misunderstood pet they are believed by most people to be nasty but this is not true. a well mannered ferret will not bite. ferrets do nip if they are trying to get there own way or get over excited (kits do this at first until they understand better). ferrets are very clever, sweet, playful animals they are very similar to a puppy or kittens. they love to play with all different toys and love to explore.



ferrets need large accommodation they need at least a 5x2x2ft hutch with preferably a attached run. some people keep ferrets indoors in large cages  but ferrets do have a smell that decreases with different food, washing bedding and neutering!!. most people keep ferret in playhouses, coops, sheds or dog kennels.  ferret should have many toys to play with but also a comfortable warm bedding area as they sleep for 18 hours a but when they are awake are very active animals. 




Feeding you ferret 

ferret should be fed on a complete special ferret food. or a raw meat diet. ferrets can have many treat like raw egg, dog treats, cat meat/ biscuits and other bits and pieces. but must avoid dairy products. 


neutering and vaccinating

ferrets should be neutered for many reasons including health problems, jill's coming in season and if left in season without breeding, implant or another alternative they can become seriously ill and die.  also this can stop unwanted behavior problems. also this mean ferrets can be kept in pairs or groups safely with out breeding. ferrets should never be kept on there own without a reason. 


ferrets should ALSO be vaccinated yearly for distemper, without being vaccinated this will kill them. they can pick this up from other pets, off the street and many other ways of it being passed about so please vaccinate!!!! 


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