Cuddly Critters rescue and rehoming

How you can help us?

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Transporters: we are always in need of people in various area's to collect animal/s and bring them to us, most of the time petrol money can be covered. Due to me not driving we are not always able to collect ourselves and rely on people to help us. 

 Fundraisers: we are currently looking for a person/ people to help us set up some fundraisers. we have been offered various things/ places to do them but just sadly don't get the time to find venues, companies and email companies for donations etc. we have many idea's just need people to help us get them into place to help with our large vet bill and number of animals  needing help.

 Fundraising: We are always grateful for people doing fundraisers on behalf of us. sponsored events, fates etc. We put out public thank you's to people/ companies able to help

 Foster: In the next couple of months we are hoping to be able to help more cats and other animals. so we will be looking for fosters. please email us on and I can send a foster form over with some simple questions to find out what sort of animals would be best for you to foster for us 

 Adopt : we have many animals looking for loving home. we always have various cats/ kittens, rabbits, piggies, ferrets and small rodents and sometimes have birds and chickens. We do ask a set donation for animals but they are health check, mite treated, neutered  and vaccinated (in cats and rabbits possibly neutered some other single male rodents if cant be bonded with same sex)

 Donations: ANIMAL ITEMS:  animal cages, hutches, mesh, hinges, bolts, lino cut offs, hay, straw, food, veg, toys etc. We also have a amazon wishlist see donations page

ITEMS: items we can sell, unwanted cloths (for selling or recycling), toys, books, games, raffle items, gift sets, bottle of wine any items we can always find a use for. please contact us on or 07582263248

Other donations: donations can be made straight to our vet or to us. we have a paypal (same as email above)which donations can be made to. there is also a donate page on here. we are very grateful for all we receive all help us and we would be able to do it without all the people who have helped above