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Rabbit care!!

Rabbit are one of the most used and abused pets as they are brought for children (but most children get bored). they are often thought to be 'JUST A RABBIT' which they are not they are very clever socialble animals they are very misunderstood. rabbits should never be kept by themselves as they need the companionship and care of another of there kind! however much time you spend with your bun its not the same as them having a rabbit friend!


rabbits are very energetic, curious, playful animals they need as big accommodation as possible. this should be no smaller than 5x2x2ft preferably with a attached run. the hutch should be kept out if draft and waterproof. to stop bunnies getting cold and wet as this will make them become seriously ill. extra precaution should be taken in the winter to keep your little ones warm.  They should be provided with lots of toy to stop them getting bored and depressed also toys to were there teeth down.

indoor bunnies: quite a few people have house bunnies. some people have free range bunnies but this means bunny proofing you house. other people have accommodation make indoor. we prefer dog large cages as indoor cages are far to small for bunnies but ideally bunnies need a attached run out to be free roaming during the day!!

giant housing

giants need extra large accommodation. they are far to be kept in any standard size hutch, the hutch would have to be specially made  as giants can stand up to 3ft tall.

Popular accomidation for bunnies and giants

  dog kennel  : great for giants, pairs or groups of buns                        playhouse great for giants, pair o group of                                                                                                                bunnies

                                                              shed with attached run: ( BELOW) great for giants, pairs or                                                                                       groups

chicken coop:great for a pair of bunnies
but no goo for giants as the ramp damages
there back                  
Feeding your rabbit!                                                                                                                     a rabbits diet should consist of of mainly hay, fresh veg and a small amount of a high quality mix/ pellets. there are 2 brands we recommend excel pellets or rabbit royal mix. both are good quality. rabbits spend alot of the day eating and nibbling at food. a bad diet can be seen by bad teeth, bad belly, poor conditioned coat, weight issues and many others.
 Handling and behaviour (covering neutering)
rabbit should be handled on a regular basis to get them used to being around people and learning to trust you, food and treats always help with this. the more you rabbit gets to know you the more you will hear sounds and see signs of the bunny being happy and affectionate. you will see your bunny binkying running round kick the back legs leaping in the air will also start to here sounds such as purring, nuzzling (nose rubbing) and clicking. you bunny will need there claws clipping on a regular basis usually about every 6 weeks you can either learn how to do it or take them to your vets.  
Neutering : all animals should be neutered for there health and to stop accidental pregnancies.  people often worry about rabbit neutering. all surgery comes at risks but having you bunbun done is no different to a dog or cat. rabbits should be neutered to stop help problems in the future. 70-80 percent of female rabbits have cancer by the age of 3 years. also its a good idea to stop the risk of your animal ever getting pregnant which can cause many problems or death in older rabbits, plus bunnies can be content by being keep in social pairs which is a lot better for your rabbit than being kept by themselves.also male rabbits can get testicular cancer which is deadly once neutered this is virtually impossible, also neutering can stop behavior problems. such as aggression, humping, spaying and many more. 
Vaccinating you rabbit
all rabbits should be vaccinated! one against myxi which is fatal if not vaccinated and one against VHD which kills a rabbit within 24-48 hours with virtually no signs illness usually noticed. ,myxi jabbed should be given every 6 months or more regular in a higher risk area and VHD should be given yearly!